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Treasure Hunt

If you’ve been hunting (get it?!?) for a screen-free, no batteries required way to entertain the kids, your search is at an end!

Not only does GoTrovo’s Family Treasure Hunt offer hours of entertainment for kids young and old, it also incorporates educational elements aimed at helping children develop their word recognition, reading and problem solving skills. What more could you want from a game?

Simply lay the trail and then watch the kids make memories as they run around the house and garden, solving the clues that lead to the treasure! Or why not join in the fun? As the name suggests, Family Treasure Hunt Game is perfect for all the family to enjoy.

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Scavenger Hunt

Wondering how to banish those dreaded words “I’m bored!”?

How to get your kids up, active and laughing while they learn?

Seek’n’Build Scavenger Hunt from Gotrovo is the answer you’ve been looking for (see what we did there?!?)!

Get busy scavenging with our brain-teasing clues and challenges, which get players up, active and thinking. Focus children’s inner creativity and problem solving through play.

This indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt is a fun new take on a classic game, and comes packed with everything you need to create endless fun for kids aged 4 and up.

Easily adapted to suit one or many players, Seek’n’Build Scavenger Hunt is your “go-to” entertainment for parties, playdates, or when out and about on a picnic or on holiday. And not a screen in sight!

What are you waiting for… let’s get scavenging!

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RUN of 21

Fun family game.

RUNof21 is the perfect card game to combine playtime and family time.

If you're tired of playing the same old games every night, then this is for you. Friends and family will be begging to join your games nights now. 

Fun For Everyone. This fun family card game is perfect for teens, kids 7 and up, and big kids! RUNof21 needs skill AND luck, so younger kids have as much chance of winning as older strategists, making this game fun for everyone.

Play Anywhere for Screen-Free Fun. Take this portable travel-game wherever you go.... Sleepovers, game nights, camping, family get-togethers….whatever your location, it will be improved with a quick RUNof21! 

Learn Through Play. RUNof21 is great for improving strategic thinking and building number recognition, which means you can have fun while learning. Homeschooling doesn't have to be hard - this race to 21 beats times tables anyday! 

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Baggage Blunder
Baggage Blunder

Who can find their lost luggage and make it to the plane first?

Will Customs stop you on your way to the boarding gate to check your suitcase?

Will your flight be delayed?

Baggage Blunder is a game of speed AND chance. So spin the spinner and see what happens next. One thing’s for sure: adventure awaits!

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The fiendishly fun, fast-paced strategy shapes game – try saying that quickly! A game of logic and chance that all the family can enjoy.

Can you make the pattern on your card first? Can you use your knowledge of the game to try to block your opponents? Can you position yourself to win EVEN IF things go wrong?

What will your STRATeSHAPES strategy be?

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