About us

Hey there. Lovely to meet you!

I’m Aley – one of the mums behind Gotrovo.

Our company came to life in 2012, after the birth of my third child. I was ready to give up the corporate life, but I still wanted something that I could do alongside being a full-time mum. As I was born with a distinct lack of talent for all things cookery and craft related, it took some creative thinking to come up with a business idea!

But who better to inspire me than my own little people!? It struck me one day that the treasure hunts we used to make together might be something other families would enjoy – and heck, there was nothing like it on the market. Cue a phone call to my good friend Jo, and we decided to launch a business!

We had so much fun creating Gotrovo. My children (I have 4 of them now!) helped me dream up clues, and even helped colour some of the pictures you see in your game. They’d write their own riddles as I was writing ones for the game, and we’d test each other over dinner. And I knew when I tested Gotrovo with friends on play dates that we’d hit on something special.

We really believe that childhood should be full of magic and excitement, and that time spent together – with parents, with grandparents, with siblings – is the very best way to achieve this. We want to make that magic just a little bit easier to find with our products.

So if you’d like to be a part of what we do here, creating fun and magic for families to really connect together, they we’d love to welcome you along. Over 30,000 families have tried it and loved it – so now it’s your turn! We really hope you love the fun as much as we do.  Aley x

Hey there lovely! SO great to meet you. I’m Jo, business partner to Aley, and the Yin to her Yang!

I met Aley back in the days of my corporate existence, when we worked together in banking. Those were dark days – not so much because I worked with Aley (!) but because I felt so unfulfilled in that environment. Helpfully, I fell pregnant with twins when my eldest was just 2, so that was the decision made: time for a new kinda life!

I LOVE adventure and action, and have so much fun with my boys out and about in the great outdoors. We love exploring, dog walks, climbing…I even hold a private pilot’s licence! Which all means that creating the kind of fun we believe in here at Gotrovo, and getting my boys to act as product testers, suits me down to the ground. Sometimes I look back through our company photos, and it’s amazing to chart the growth of our little company alongside the growth of my little men, pictured playing our games.

Anyway, we have BIG plans for the future, and we really want to grow a community of people that want to make every day with their kids count. (We’re far from perfect parents, but we like to dream big!) So if you’re up for a slice of that, then you can connect with us at GoTrovoTreasure.

Hugs, lovely. Jo x


Our Story

When we started Gotrovo, we actually called the company Created4Kids. Because that’s what we were all about. Our first company logo was an elephant (ok, I admit it sounds random), but it was taken from a picture my sister drew for my children – with the words “Do you know how much we love you”. It seemed to really capture what we were about – plus we knew NOTHING about branding back then, so what the heck!

Our first game came to market on a research budget of around £80. It was  home designed, with components sourced here, there and everywhere, and it came in a drawstring bag. Our goal was to sell 80 units (I have NO idea why 80!) and then we’d be “done“! Anywhere, here it is…we still kinda love it…

Roll forward 18 months, and we’d sold sold through 1,000 Gotrovos. (We weren’t “done” at 80, afterall!). So we hired a graphic designer to help create a high-street retail version of Gotrovo. That (for the time being!) is still what you see on the shelves today. But not for long….

While the company had really began to grow, Jo and I still felt pretty lost as to where to go next. I even tried dressing up as a pirate to record treasure-hunting videos for a while, but the stress of the postman knocking while I was in full garb (I kid you not) just became too much to bear!

So we went a-searchin’, and we came across some amazing coaches, and a seriously fun designer, who are helping us become what we are today. GoTrovo – the home of family fun, adventure and connection – all through play.

We’re really proud to say that over 30,000 families now enjoy adventures with GoTrovo – and we really do mean ENJOY. Here are just some of the words they love to use about us in reviews.

You can read more testimonials here .

Sometimes when the going gets tough (and it does) and we wonder why the heck we’re doing this, we read these to remind ourselves what it’s all about.

So where to from here? Well, watch this space (or better still, join our FB community) because we have SO many fun ideas in the pipeline, and we’d love you to be a part of them. 

Aley and Jo x