Treasure Hunting Games – Active Fun with Gotrovo 

Your treasure awaits, come seek, come find
Follow the clues, don’t get left behind!”

Get ready for fun and adventure with our amazing treasure hunt game! But brace yourselves…your kids will want to play again, and again, and again! 

How to Play Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt is the award-winning, indoor or outdoor interactive fun game that will keep your kids squealing with excitement again and again….and again, until you’re begging for mercy! 
With a bountiful supply of clues to suit all ages, reversible maps to enchant boys and girls, and the all-important GOLD, you really can’t go wrong!
Your intrepid explorers work their way along the treasure trail, fixing clues to the map and collecting gold coins in a swag bag as they go. As they solve picture, word, riddle and role-play clues, they get one step closer to the precious golden treasure bar (it’s so shiny you can see your face in it!).  Once they find it, they can open the secret compartment inside, to reveal any number of hidden extra treats. OMG….the suspense!!! And what’s more, you can create a different treasure hunt EVERY TIME!
Come on…we dare you! Jump into your child’s world, it’s bursting with potential!
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Great fun for family and friends, Gotrovo can be adapted to play with one child or several of differing ages and abilities. The trails are easy and quick to lay, and educational (shhh!) to boot!
Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game comes in various different formats to suit you and the occasion.
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  • Or if you just want help getting started, we can help with that too!
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