Travel Games: Create Fun on the Go with Gotrovo Mini

Heading out? Or even better, off on holiday? In search of a great travel game?
If you’re anything like us, you might be the teensiest bit fed up of lugging bags full of bulky games around with you to cover every eventuality. You get to your final destination, fully equipped with every conceivable childhood entertainment, only to realise there was no room in your suitcase for your shoes or underwear! AHHH!
Well – we can make room in your suitcase AND give you fun on the go!
Just grab yourself a Gotrovo Mini – our “fit in your handbag”-sized travel game. It even comes in its own little travel bag….how cute is that?! The kids can enjoy searching for treasure in a new and exciting environment. And for you…..well, there’s nothing quite like clean underwear, or going to dinner in something other than pumps, to boost your holiday feel good!


We now also have a series of fun, downloadable activity sheets to suit all ages. You can print them as many times as you like, and take them away with you on holiday or to restaurants. They come is two sets, suitable for ages 3-6, and ages 6-9. So stock up on your printer cartridges, because the kids are gonna LOVE these! Simply add them to your shopping cart and hey presto, they’ll download as soon as you’ve checked out!