Birthday Scavenger Hunt: Ideas for Prizes plus Top Tips for Success!

If your child’s birthday party is looming like a big scary cloud on the horizon, a birthday scavenger hunt can be a GREAT way to keep the kids entertained. It’s simple (especially with our GoTrovo kits!), doesn’t need a lot of preparation, and can be played over and over in bigger or smaller teams. Just check out our top tips below.

BUT what about the all-important prizes? Well, we’ve been scouring the internet for gift ideas that will really get your party guests in the spirit of adventure! So now you can switch the typical plastic fantastic of party bags for our pick of the 15 COOLEST prizes on offer.

Speech and Language Development with GoTrovo’s Treasure Hunt Game

GoTrovo is a tool which covers a wide range of reading and speech development targets. It allows children to learn without pressure, in a fun and stimulating way. Their ability to identify, name or read the items in the clues gives a clear and easy way to track progress. Or you can record their learning with our free reward chart.

Importantly, the blank clue cards allow you to create your own clues if there are specific targets or areas you want to focus on. And GoTrovo provides a great lead into other play and learning ideas.

Educational Play Ideas with GoTrovo Treasure Hunt Game

Gotrovo is an imaginative, physically active educational game. It is used in many schools and pre-schools, not only because it is fun, but because it directly supports Early Years and Key Stage 1 targets. Literacy, social and motor skills, communication and language, exploration and numeracy can all be targeted.

Read on to see how, and to access reviews from educationalists. “This activity is exactly how I would have imagined a treasure hunt game had I attempted to craft my own.”

Fun and Original Ideas for Treasure Hunt Prizes

Treasure hunts are a fabulous way to get your kids up, active and energised. What’s more, they are a fantastic and all too rare opportunity to get kids playing and working happily together, whatever their ages or abilities. But what about the treasure itself?

Leaving sweets and treats every time may please the treasure hunters, but not so much their tummies or teeth. So if you’re on the look out for some fun and original treasure hunt ideas, here are 15 innovative ways to create that extra bit of “gold”.

Mothers’ Day Craft – make a Personalised Plant Pot

There’s nothing better than a personalised gift, and these plant pots give you the opportunity to send a really special message. Whether it’s “Happy Mothers’ Day – we love you” or “thank you for helping me grow”, you can create something really personal. A lovely idea for a Mothers’ Day craft.

All the bits you need to make these plant pots can be bought at online or at a craft store. They’re easy, look great (if I do say so myself!) and are cheap too… what’s not to love about that?!?

How traditional play can help build family bonds

Grandparents’ time with children is precious…it is a fundamental bond that must be built within relatively short periods of time, crammed into the hectic schedules of everyday life. Often we don’t create enough space for it.

But making that time fun, imaginative, memorable, tailored to the children…all of this can help bring maximum rewards. That’s where traditional play ideas really have value. And that idea of families coming together was, without doubt, part of our ethos in creating Gotrovo.

Sibling Rivalry Headaches and Top Games to Avoid Them

Fed up of playing referee at home? Get your kids playing happily together with the classics. We’ve done a test of the best games that get kids actually playing together…and our conclusion: the golden oldies are the best!

Read on for our exploration of why siblings arguments are actually important for development…but never fear, we include ideas for games that help for when you’ve had ENUFFFF!

Brilliant Boredom-Busters for Holidays and Rainy Days!

When the tiredness kicks in, so does boredom, and that’s usually when the arguments start. I can turn on the T.V., but I often find that this just leads to as many arguments about WHAT we watch.

So what can we do instead? Simple…create a “bored box” – the key is what’s inside. Answer: lots of little bits of folded paper with ideas for what to do. And everyone gets a turn to pick! Whether it’s making a camp, having a pillow fight, or baking, everyone gets to have fun and re-energise.