Hooray for Lego! Learning through play is the best!

Fed up of the increasing pressure on school children? Join our debate on learning through play. Simply put, it says children learn best through play, and continue to do so up to the age of 8.

There are many varied opportunities to learn in this way. And learning through play reduces the negative risks of children being put off learning by adopting a formal approach to education too young.

Fun Craft Ideas: Make a Personalised Letter Box

Figuring out what to do with your kids when you’re at home for a day can be tricky. But if you’re stuck for inspiration, here’s our latest offering: a personalised post box. Surprisingly easy and quick (even for me!).

Once you’ve made your post box, it’s a great portable toy to take along to playgroups or friends’ houses. You can encourage others to post letters and your little person to deliver them. It’s also great fun to set your toddler up on a little trike or similar, and have them play delivery man.