Your custom really matters to us!

Got an Issue? We’ll search high and low for a solution!
We’re all about keeping families happy, and that means yours too! We’ve thought a lot about what we love and loathe in customer service elsewhere in our lives. No-one likes a broken promise or a brush-off, right? So on that basis, here is our list of our commitments to you (sworn on our pirate swords!):




1. We offer a no-quibble, free returns promise. We’d always appreciate a chance to resolve your query to your complete satisfaction first. But if, for any reason, you are not happy with your purchase, simply contact us and we will arrange for a full refund, and if relevant the return of your item at no additional cost to you.
2. We have worked hard to souce the highest quality materials and suppliers, and safety and quality are at the heart of everything we do. (We’re mums and accountants at the same time…we don’t take risks!!) Our products are backed up by saftey testing by specialist third-party test houses, as well as audits from UK trading standards.
3. We believe in our products. We designed them based on our experiences as mums, to serve a purpose and bring real value and joy into everyday life. We truly believe you will love them and enjoy them for a long time to come. But we always listen to feedback, so do let us know if you have any!



4. We want you to feel you can trust us, and that you could recommend us to your friends and family. We can’t promise mistakes will never happen, but we can promise to try to rectify the small number that do, as soon possible. Just come and talk to us, or send us a message in a bottle!
5. At Gotrovo we believe in looking after family, and by shopping with us you become part of our happy, motley, crew. So whether you’re thinking of buying, have bought in the past, or are just on the lookout for information, we’ll be happy to look after you in any way we can! You just need to get in touch.



6. We will always answer your questions and respond to your feedback, as soon as our deck hands can scramble to the task! So whether you’re thinking of buying, have bought in the past, or are just on the lookout for information, just get in touchAs mums we have our own mini-pirates to feed and our own homes to keep shipshape, so we can’t be on hand 24/7.  But you can expect to hear from us when you least expect it…like 10pm on a Sunday night! Regardless we will always endeavour to respond within 1-2 business days.
7. We will always try to find a way to meet your needs, and sail that extra mile (or should that be “league”!?). We once even found a way to hand-deliver a parcel on Christmas Eve….in Australia! We believe in the possible, so if we can do it, we will!