Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Games provide families of any shape and size the chance to create magical, treasure-filled moments for their kids, with games that will fire imaginations and learning. Because through the highs and lows, we’re parents too, and we know what it feels like to be you!


Our Gotrovo Pirate Song!

Like any good pirate crew, we operate to the tune of a hearty pirate song, and here’s what our song says to us:


Potential…EVERY child is bursting with it, so never stop believing. 

Imagination unlocks the door to a whole new world.

Reap what you sow….the more you invest in life, the more you get back!

Anyone can find their pot of gold if only they search hard enough!

Teamwork.a lifeskill second only to patience! 

Expect the best and it will come….even if you have to sail a few stormy seas!


Sing loud and long…singing makes you happy! 

One for all, and all for one….no wait, that’s the three muskateers! 

Never give up.

Golden memories make the best treasure of all.