Frustrated and Disheartened by a Child who Refuses to Eat?

The frustration that comes with children who won’t eat, or who treat mealtimes as a circus, is a repeated, daily battle. It can be a daily misery where you’re supposed to stay calm, while trying to force some nutrients into your child and pretend this is “happy, family time”.

But for thousands of families, “happy family time” feels like a world away. Here’s what we hear over and over from mums just like you:

  • “My child isn’t willing to try anything new.”
  • “Getting my fussy eater to consume anything healthy is impossible.”
  • “My child can’t sit at the table for a whole meal. I move between incentives and threats, nothing works!”
  • “My kids ask for something, then tell me they don’t like it even though I’ve cooked it 20 times before!”
  • “I feel like I spend all day at the table – mealtimes take an eternity.”
  • “They won’t sit still, eat with cutlery, not talk with their mouths full…it’s so frustrating.”
  • “There’s no meal all of my children will eat without complaining.”

If you’re fed up of feeling frustrated, angry, worried, and exhausted by it all, then let us help. Our solution for fussy eaters comes from the heart – from our experience of these same problems. It’s been developed with expert help, and it really works, through a system of simple, fun incentives and rewards.


Introducing Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt: Your Solution for Picky Eaters and Fussy Eaters

Let our Mealtime Treasure Hunt transform your mealtimes and get your kids eating without a fuss. And with a money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose.

“This product has literally changed my life! I can not recommend it highly enough. I bought two sets and although I could see the potential I was sceptical that it could make a difference to my feral children’s terrible meal times. How wrong I was! It has made such a difference already you wouldn’t believe they were the same children. My 6.5 year old and my nearly 4 year old were awful, the 6.5 year old with fussiness and refusal of all vegetables and the 4 year old could take 2 hours to eat a meal and if you were lucky enough to get him near the table he certainly wouldn’t stay there! Which resulted in a disjointed meal time and usually meant me popping bits of food in his mouth as he ran past or while playing on the floor. But this week my 6.5 had tried at least two different vegetables every day and pasta that isn’t completely plain and my son eating in minutes at the table and restoring peace to the household and making mealtimes a pleasure which I didn’t think was possible!”

“We got this set last autumn and it has made a real difference to dinner times. Our almost 4-year-old has always been a bit of a nightmare at mealtimes. He gets down from his chair constantly and won’t focus on eating. Some meals he barely eats anything. It drives me to distraction whereas his older sister has always sat down and eaten nicely. When we first got this I wasn’t sure if it would help but it made a massive difference straight away. He loves moving the coin around the treasure map. I think you can almost make up or change the rules to suit you. For us he has to stay sitting down and eat another mouthful to move around. When he gets down we have moved him back a square. I also change the reward at the end to keep him interested – sometimes he can choose pudding and other times we do a treasure hunt to find a treat. There is so much you can do with the map as well.”

“This Dinner Set and Game is AMAZING!! It’s really fantastic quality and great fun. Our daughter has actually tried new foods and eaten vegetables which were previously avoided at all costs!!! It has made mealtimes a fun and positive experience and I feel she is eating a more balanced diet because of it. Before the game she would just eat foods in order of preference, vegetables were rarely eaten, whereas now she will eat whichever food moves her on to the next space on the board. Her table manners have also improved.”

“Well what can I say…one week later EVERY mealtime she has had a totally empty plate!!!!!!! Literally shocked this worked so well and so quickly.”

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