Helpful Hints to Get Started

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Want some helpful hints and ideas for creating treasure hunts and getting the most out of your game?

  • Your wish is our command…! From tips on how to get started, to explanatory videos and ideas for entertaining ALL the kids together, we’ve got you covered.

    YouTube Support

    You can learn more about our treasure hunt games and how to use them by watching our explanatory videos and accessing the various films on our YouTube Channel. Here’s the link to the full set of them, but our main overview videos are below. 

    Laying a treasure trail

    You don’t need to apply all the sticky dots the first time you use your Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game. If your kids are desperate to get started, simply apply the scratchy dots to both sides of the map, and add the soft dots to the ten clue cards you want to use, and off you go. You can apply dots to the remaining cards as and when you use them.

    Laying the trail will quickly become intuitive, but you can follow this pattern: choose the first clue (let’s say lamp) and place it in your pocket. Then walk to a lamp and place the next clue somewhere near it. Let’s assume this clue is bed. Then walk to a bed and hide the third clue. Keep going until you have run out of clues. Let’s say the last clue card you lay is for washing machine…walk to the washing machine, hide the gold bar and any additional treasure, and you’re all done.

    Give the map, swag bag and the clue card from your pocket to the players, and off they go. Don’t forget to leave a gold coin with each clue card as you go.

    Length & Difficulty of Trails

    Your treasure hunt will be harder and longer if you create greater distance between each clue (mixing indoor and outdoor, upstairs and downstairs).

    You could also place clues in less prominent locations (just poking out from under a rug, for example) or use non-specific locations (such as door or window, as opposed to washing machine) to increase the difficulty.

    Parents can guide younger children towards the right room if needed!

    Different Ages Playing Together

    If you are entertaining children of different ages, consider:

    • Allowing older children to lay the trail, or create their own clues on the blank (gold) cards. They could even to cut out pictures of objects from magazines to stick to the blank cards
    • Laying a treasure trail with both riddle and picture clues. Children can take turns to solve the clues appropriate to their age.
    • Using our party add-on pack to lay one picture trail and one riddle trail and have a race!

    Use Of Money

    Gotrovo coins can be hidden with the clues, or just in the vicinity, so that children have to search hard for them. Who can find the most money? You could introduce the concept of value and get the children to ‘purchase’ a treat at the end of the trail, or exchange each gold coin for ten pence to spend on a day out.

    Code of Conduct

    Help children learn to work together and share by giving them roles and a code of conduct, for example taking turns to find clues or hold the map, encouraging each other, supporting early readers etc.

    If there’s fighting and bad behaviour, you can remove the next clue from its proper location until they can work together nicely…then put it back and let the treasure hunt continue.