Mothers’ Day Craft – make a Personalised Plant Pot

Looking for a special Mothers’ Day Craft? This one’s a winner!

It’s March already, and Mothers’ Day is fast approaching in the UK. With my 2 year old girl now old enough to participate in craft activities, we decided to create something “homemade” for Grannie this year. There’s nothing better than a personalised gift, and these plant pots give you the opportunity to send a really special message. Whether it’s “Happy Mothers’ Day – we love you” or “thank you for helping me grow”, you can create something really personal. A lovely idea for a Mothers’ Day craft.

All the bits you need to make these plant pots can be bought at online or at a craft store. They’re easy, look great (if I do say so myself!) and are cheap too… what’s not to love about that?!? So, here’s how to make them:


Firstly, take your plant pot and paint it with a base coat of chalk paint. With proper supervision, most toddlers can attempt to help with this. Light colours are best but it’s all down to personal choice, and the decoration you want to add later. It’s a good idea to use a kitchen roll holder to balance the pot – this avoids getting fingerprints all over it!

Once dry (it doesn’t take long!), decorate in any number of ways. We used more chalk paint and a pen (not biro) to write on the bottom. You could even use stickers or glitter (if you’re brave enough to unleash the sparkly whirlwind in your own home!). It doesn’t really matter what you choose, as it all gets sealed under a varnish.

Use Mod Podge (widely available online) to seal the pot, including the inside. We did two coats, in case we missed anywhere the first time. Mod Podge is non-toxic and water-based so we felt safe using it, but of course this part may be best done by an adult. Sealing the pot should make it waterproof for when you water the plants.

We also bought some miniature chalkboard signs and used a Tippex pen to write a Mother’s Day message before sealing them. This makes a nice addition to the plant pots.

If you can find a suitable plant you could add that as well…assuming you’re not delivering via the post!

And hey presto, you’ve got yourself a personalised plant pot! A simple, personalised Mother’s Day craft gift that’s fun to make, useful to have and a joy to receive. We also made these for the staff at my daughter’s nursery – a lovely and cost effective Christmas or leaving gift. We think they beat the ‘world’s best teacher’ mugs hands down!

Do leave your comments or pictures on this post or our facebook page – we’d love to see them. In the mean time, happy crafternooning!

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