Our Ethos

Our company came to life because we were inspired by our kids. They fired our vision to create timeless, magical moments that families can share together. And they inspired us to show them that you can achieve anything you want to, if you look for the treasure at the end of the rainbow. We hope that by spreading this magic, imagination and inspiration through our carefully crafted, fun-filled treasure hunt games, we can help to nurture a generation who will always look for that treasure


Our Story

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt is the brainchild of two mums. Jo and Aley worked together in the world of finance for several years. During this time they each had three children. But as their kid-count grew, they both came to the same conclusion. Juggling family, commuting and career was no longer for them. They still wanted a challenge, but a different one! And so a playdate/brainstorming session led to the creation of Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game.
Of course, every business has its share of hurdles. Juggling supplier negotiations at the same time as negotiating ‘no more biscuits’ with toddlers was pretty typical. But the girls were determined to make things work.
In 2012, Gotrovo Treasure Hunt – a game inspired by the everyday fun they had with their own kids – hit the market. The game offered exactly what Jo and Aley hoped it would: imaginative fun, memory-making, special family time, and lots of laughs.  And yes, it’s educational too – but don’t tell the kids!
Five years (and several hurdles) on, the team has grown to five mums. The product suite has expanded, but the company remains wedded to their treasure hunting theme! Jo and Aley are still talking to each other (most days!), still sane (more or less) and still full-time mothers (to 7 children under 10 now!). The team has been thrilled to win a number of awards over the years, and has an overflow of new product ideas in the pipeline!
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