Party Entertainment with Gotrovo

Looking for a great, ready-made party theme? Gotrovo is one of those rare birthday party games that’s gloriously mess-free, but at the same time gets the kids moving and squealing with excitement. Whether your party is pirate or princess themed, or just full of fun games, we didn’t win best birthday party game 2015 AND best family game 2017 for nothing!

By creating a shorter or longer hunt, Gotrovo is flexible enough to fit into your party schedule. Treasure Hunters can work together, or can be split into teams with our Gotrovo Party Pack.

The game comes complete with everything you need …just add children! You can lay the treasure trail in just a few minutes, leaving you time for a reviving cup of coffee before the fun starts. And you can guarantee no-one will be saying your party was one of those ‘same old…’ events!

What’s more, if you’re going all out to create a party theme, our multi-buy option for Gotrovo Mini creates THE perfect going-home party bag…you’re event will be the talk of the playground (in a good way!).

You can check out our full range of party options here. Trust us, we’ve got it all covered. From run-around games and fun forfeits, to sit-down activity sheets; from party bags to personalised birthday letters … the choice is yours! You can even bundle it all up in one great value deal!

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