Personalised Pirate Letters

ARRRGGGG! It’s a dog’s life, this pirate business!
The captain of our mighty pirate ship has been CAPTURED by a motley crew, somewhere around the Cape of Good Hope.
They were after his treasure, but he was not giving it up easily, no way sireee!
So he wrote a note…a secret letter, complete with wax seal….addressed to your own little treasure hunter, telling them where be hidden that treasure! (Surprise surprise, it might just be in your house!) All they have to do is solve the clues to find it!
Now come on…be honest! How’s that for a different sort of personalised birthday card with a bit of extra EXCITEMENT!
You can read more about our new pirate birthday letters and see images of the letters and clues here. So get shopping now…we have a couple of days’ leadtime to get the letters produced and in the post!