Baggage Blunder


Who can find their lost luggage and make it to the plane first?

Will Customs stop you on your way to the boarding gate to check your suitcase?

Will your flight be delayed?

Baggage Blunder is a game of speed AND chance. So spin the spinner and see what happens next. One thing’s for sure: adventure awaits!

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Does it seem like your kids are constantly telling you “I’m bored!”?

Have you run out of ideas for how to keep them occupied?

Does ready-made adventure and entertainment, that doesn’t require you to set foot outside the house, sound like the perfect solution?

Then look no further than the latest interactive game from GoTrovo: Baggage Blunder!

This game of speed and chance will have them off the sofa and moving; burning off all that excess energy and filling your home with the sound of laughter, rather than the sound of the TV or YouTube – not an electronic screen in sight!

Another bonus is that there’s no complicated, time-consuming set up involved. All you need to do is hide a few cards around the house – you can make the hunts as simple or as difficult as you like – and let the kids do the work. Or, rather, let them have fun!

Designed for children aged 4 and up, Baggage Blunder can easily be adapted to enable a child to play by themselves (giving you the chance to sit down and have a hot cup of tea!), or be combined so that siblings or friends can play against one another in a race to the skies.

No more Netflix marathons or playing with consoles. No more watching YouTube. Baggage Blunder has all the fun of going on holiday, without any of the stress. It’s a game they’ll be begging to play again and again!

Included in the game you’ll find: 2 spinners, 32 luggage item cards, 4 packing lists (on 2 double-sided cards), 2 luggage game boards, together with instructions and a scene-setting story. The only thing they need to add is their imagination… the sky’s the limit!


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