Bumper Edition – ORIGINAL Treasure Hunt PLUS Riddle Expansion Pack

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Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game PLUS Riddle Expansion Pack featuring Christmas, Easter, and classroom themed clues – something for every occasion and at great value! Includes 170 reusable clues!

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Expand the fun of Gotrovo by purchasing our original Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game PLUS our Clue Card Expansion Pack for one, great value buy!

As well as getting everything that comes in the original game (the double-sided map, the golden treasure bar, the gold coins and swag bag, and 100 clues), you will ALSO get our Riddle Expansion Pack. This expansion pack is designed to extend the fun EVEN FURTHER, and includes 70 specially crafted riddles, including seasonal Christmas and Easter-themed clues. There are also clues suitable for a classroom, and more everyday conundrums to fox your little treasure hunters!

So wherever you are, and whatever the occasion, there’s a Gotrovo hunt to enjoy!

The game works in exactly the same way as our original treasure hunt game, but the possibilities just get even more exciting with Christmas, Easter and school room hunts!

What’s in the Treasure Box?

The Bumper Edition comes with:

  • double-sided treasure map
  • 10 gold coins
  • swag bag
  • golden treasure bar
  • 170 (yes 170!) clues featuring pictures, words, riddles and role-play clues….enough for years of enjoyment!
  • velcro dots to fix clues to map
  • instructions

Suitable for 1 or more children aged 3-99! (Core age range 3-8, but big kids and adults will have LOADS of fun joining in these hunts too!)

Note all 70 expansion pack clues are riddles, and vary in their difficulty to suit children of different ages aged 4 and up.

“Can you give us some examples of the themed clues?”

But of course! We’re not going to give the whole game away, but here’s an example of the sort of themed clues you can find in our Bumper Edition, which includes the Riddle Expansion Pack:

Christmas Theme: “The bells are ringing for Christmas Day, but where is your treasure hidden away? Look on a step, or look on a stair, and see if a clue awaits you there!”

Easter Theme: “Hurry Easter Bunnies, hop hop hop. Find some flowers in a pot. Look beneath them, look behind, there may be a clue or a treat to find!”

Classroom theme: “I may have two hands, but no legs and no feet. My face tells you when you should work, eat or sleep.”

Answers on the back of a postcard…!

25 reviews for Bumper Edition – ORIGINAL Treasure Hunt PLUS Riddle Expansion Pack

  1. Neri

    Absolutely great game. Kids love it. They love the treasure box at the end and we love the peace whilst they are searching for clues. Great entertainment at home or away.

  2. Hannah

    This game was an absolute winner for a treasure hunt for a birthday party. It was easy to follow and the clues were brilliant as we could tailor it to the smaller children in some places which kept it interesting. Having criptic clues was excellent too and looking forward to playing again.

  3. Mich

    Great fun for the kids!!!!

  4. C.F

    A lovely game for my 5yr old to play and it saves me trying to quickly make and think up clues each time.

  5. I.A

    My boys loved this, one 11 and one 4, so simple to set up and adaptable

  6. Heike West

    We love this game. It’s a great encouragement to read for my 5 year old. I pick the cards she can read and place them so she can’t see the picture. Creative way of learning for her when she doesn’t enjoy reading very much but this she loves! We haven’t even tried any of the imaginative or clue cards yet. I can see years of fun ahead!

  7. N Warner

    Excellent game. Bought this for our 4 year old grandson, it arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The treasure hunt game is brilliant, our older grandchildren love setting it up for the younger ones, they have played it loads of times inside and I’m sure they’ll have fun doing it outside once the better weather comes.

  8. Elisel

    My three-year-old son is obsessed with this game!
    He has asked to do a treasure hunt every day since we bought it, even to do it again straight after one game has finished. The mix of picture and riddle clues are great, as he can either see from the picture himself or work out a riddle that has been read to him. It’s definitely a good game for developing problem-solving skills and concentration. Also the choice of indoor or outdoor has been really useful and there are plenty of clues to be able to play over and over again and mix and match with those already used.

  9. Michele Weaver

    A brilliant game, my two and a half granddaughter loves it, when she sees a clue she knows she shouts yes and off she goes, she cannot wait to find the next clue. The gold coins come in second. When asked what she wants to play today I always get “treasure hunt”. I can’t wait to do the Christmas one.

  10. Maria Madden

    Great family game! Totally recommend it!
    So far I only organized an Easter hunt and it was a great success. Boys and girls age between 4 and 9, they all loved it.

  11. Resmnky

    Gone are the days of having to think up clever rhyming clues! This is a ready made treasure hunt suitable for many ages and for many occasions.

  12. Anon

    A great hit with my Grandchildren.
    I recently purchased this pack after reading other positive reviews on the game. It was mainly for my grandchildren aged 5 and 8 and they absolutely love it. The different levels of clues suit both ages and even older as my nephew who is 10 also joined in and really enjoyed. It can be played inside and outside and adapted to suit any occasion and I am looking forward to doing the treasure hunt at Easter for the children. I am very pleased with my purchase.

  13. Anon

    My grandson loved this and am sure will be played with over and over again. its fun to play with friends too.

  14. Champion IS

    I am a Beaver Scout leader and used this recently with my colony as one of the aspects of their health and fitness badge. All the children playing (age 6 + 7) really enjoyed it, they worked well together to solve the riddles and locate the next clues and it definitely did what it says on the tin by providing active fun. Due to the amount of children we had playing we didn’t actually use the map or gold bar but they seem strong, the clue cards themselves are coated so even with 20+ young people grabbing them they did not rip or tear! I am glad I paid a little extra to get the additional clues as it will open up even more play, definitely will be used again for an Easter egg hunt! Would definitley recommend.

  15. Gemma Woollard

    Excellent product that all of our children thoroughly enjoyed waking up to on the morning of the youngest child’s 3rd birthday, but we ordered the bumper value pack and only received the standard set. We have four children who all love a treasure hunt, and the oldest 10 and 6 year olds are more than capable of setting trails for the younger two, so we know we wanted as many cards as possible to prolong the life of this game.

  16. Gabriella

    It is very good, there is anice map inside and many clues. The game can be used several times with different combinations of clues. It is perfect for birthday parties.

  17. Aylene

    Bought this as a birthday gift for my 5-year-old.
    She is in a bit of a Princess phase, and I figured I’d get her out of all the pink frilly stuff and interest her in some pirate action.
    It worked!
    The game takes some setting up by an adult, but after that the kid(s) are busy for at least half an hour, usually more. Hearing them trying to figure out where they will find the next clue is one of the big joys of playing this game with them.
    Edit: I had previously docked one star for what I deemed bad packaging. I still think a big stiff cardboard box with a plastic inlay would be nicer, but as a Created4Kids spokesperson pointed out, the gold bar (which doubles as a wonderful treasure MacGuffin AND a box for actual treasure such as sweets) is a perfect place to store the cards and stop them from going all over the place. So happy faces all round.

  18. Pierris

    A perfect game for summer holidays! Good clues, simple to understand but not too easy for younger ones. Pictures supplied for those struggling with text. children loved collecting the gold coins and a simple treasure was made exciting by the gold bar supplied.Spare blank cards give a means to extending the hunt if needed by making up your own clues.

  19. Hels Bels

    Really loved this. I was looking for something to entertain my nieces during a soggy Saturday this summer. Aged 7 and 5 this was perfect as we could use a mix of riddles and pictures to have something for everyone. Making the treasure hunt longer than 10 clues certainly found favour and the map fell out of use after we’d played it a few times. However the novelty of hunting for the gold coins didn’t grow old even when we had to use hot/cold to distinguish one door in the house from several.

    This is a game that will keep on giving and is worth the extra for the expansion pack and indoor/outdoor fun.

  20. Amy

    Great, versatile family game, enjoyed by all ages!
    We have this game at home, and it is sure to become a family favourite. Bought it for my 3 year old niece as a birthday present, and she & her parents love it too! It is a really good, active game to play – perfect for those rainy days when the kids have too much energy for puzzles & board games. Has amazing longevity too – my 2 year old enjoys it, and I’d imagine kids up to 10 would still enjoy it using the riddle cards included. The only thing I’d say is that both my kids & my niece enjoy long hunts, so we run out of gold coins too soon. Would be perfect if 20+ coins were included, rather than the 10.

    All in all a great family game, would recommend, so versatile – even grown up aunties etc like joining in with the kids when they come round!!

  21. Telly

    Kept a group of children busy and interested. Filled the box with easter eggs etc. The game proved to be a big success.

  22. Anon

    My kids are aged 6 and 3, and I bought this as an activity to do over the Easter holidays while I was off work. Typically the weather during the kids holidays was awful, so we only played using the indoor cards. Both kids loved the treasure hunt, we used a mixture of clue cards and picture cards so they could both have a chance at finding the next location.

    Can’t wait till the nicer weather arrives, so we can try out the outdoor cards. The cards specific to Easter and Xmas will also provide a nice twist to the game when the time comes.

  23. Anon

    The additional Christmas and Easter clues are a lovely new feature (I love being able to tailor it to the seasons) and the new gold bar box is nice and sturdy and perfect for hiding the treasure in. Something I particularly like about Gotrovo is that it appeals to kids of a range of ages, meaning a family really can play it together without the younger kids getting left behind or the older ones getting bored. And of course the fact that they’re learning while they play (without even realising it!) is a real plus. It’s also great value for money; a lot less expensive than many products out there.

  24. mrs s johnson

    Good game for variety of ages
    Needs a bit of preparation, but great fun especially if you have additional treat at end. Well packaged and sturdy for rough play. Would recommend.

  25. Leanne Beresford-Linnell

    Wow my 5 year old loves treasure hunts and this product is brilliant. The game is very well thought out and there are lots of different ways we can play it. We used really chocolate coins as well as the plastic ones provided. It’s great that this game will grow with her as she gets older and her younger brother can also join in the fun!! Plus this game can be used inside or out so finding something to do on rainy days are a thing of the past. Brilliant.

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