Fun Physical Forfeit Sheets: for ALL EDITIONS


Want to get your kids really active? Now with these NEW physical forfeit sheets you can really ramp up the fun and energy levels during a hunt!

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We’re always being told we need to get kids active. We all want happy, healthy kids, after all. Our games are designed to do just that, but now with these NEW physical forfeit sheets you can really ramp up the fun and activity levels!

Add this little gem to your basket and you will receive an email with our downloadable activity sheets. Simply print them, cut along a few lines (quick and easy) and you’ll have 36 physical forfeit cards to lay around the trail.

How does it work?

Once you receive the download, cut along the grey lines to create 36 forfeit cards. Each card contains instructions for a physical activity. Hide a selection of these cards around the treasure trail, alongside the main treasure hunt clues (so your kids will find the forfeit card with the treasure hunt clue). You can hide as many forfeit cards as you like, depending on how active you want to make your treasure hunters!

Each time they find a forfeit card alongside a clue, they have to complete that physical activity BEFORE they can move on to the next stage of the hunt. They mix of activities is aimed at children of all ages.

Including these cards will make the game longer, and your kids more active!


What’s the Treasure?

4 downloadable sheets containing 36 physical forfeit cards for you to print and cut out at home

Downloadable Instruction sheet

Purchase entitles you to one time-unlimited download


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