Party Pack Add-On for ORIGINAL EDITION Treasure Hunt


Already own Gotrovo? (Hooray!) Grab this party-pack add-on and you’ll be set to run team races for up to 20 kids – EASY party entertainment!

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Good Kids Party Games can be hard to come by. After a few years the little people tend to tire of pass the parcel and musical mayhem! But NO child ever tires of a treasure hunt! With the Gotrovo Party-Pack Add-On you will have everything you need to entertain up to 20 children (or a few more if you are really punishing yourself!) in a team RACE TO THE TREASURE!

This party pack is for use as a SUPPLEMENT to Gotrovo ORIGINAL or BUMPER Editions.  (If you don’t yet own Gotrovo but still want a party pack, check out our bundled offer here.) This pack is not for use with our newly released Edition 2 (but if you want a party package for Edition 2 just drop us an email and we’ll sort one for you!)

This add-on pack will give you a second map (with velcro dots), gold bar, swag bag and gold coins to enable you to lay TWO trails at once and run a team race. Loads of fun! And to help you plan the event, we will send you a link to our e-book with lots of ideas on how to run your party with Gotrovo – watch out for it in your inbox or junk folder following your purchase.

You may also like to consider adding our riddle expansion pack. This contains an additional 70 riddle clues (20 of which are seasonally-themed for Easter and Christmas hunts).  It’s especially useful if you are entertaining children of 6+ and really spices up the trail with loads of variety to outfox your treasure hunters. You can grab it here.

So it’s ready…steady….GO!

What’s in the Treasure Box?

  • 1 double-sided treasure map, plus 20 velcro dots
  • Golden treasure bar
  • Red swag bag
  • 10 golden coins
  • free e-book following your purchase


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