ORIGINAL EDITION Party Pack: get TWO Teams racing to the treasure!


PARTEEEEE! Make yours ROCK with Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Party Pack and have a bundle of kids competing in a team race to the treasure.

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WooHoooo! It’s party time! Look no further for a fun and ECONOMICAL (yes – we said it! E-co-nom-i-cal!) way of entertaining kids! We’ve got you covered with our Pirate Party Games from Gotrovo. This pirate party will keep kids entertained for AGES and it sure beats the price of an entertainer!

The Gotrovo pirate party pack includes the original Treasure Hunt Game AND a Party Pack add-on, allowing you to play our Treasure Hunt Game with two teams competing to see who can find the treasure first. Trust us, they’ll love it! A great solution for when you want a themed party with a difference, and equally popular with girls as with boys.

See our Additional Play Ideas for more inspiration on how to use Gotrovo at parties.

And if you want to create a bit of extra magic and excitement, check out our new pirate letters – a FAB way to get the party guests hunting for their party bags!


“Help! I already own Gotrovo and just want the add-on bits to create a team race!”

No problem…your wish is our command. If it’s just the add-on you need, we’re not going to steal your gold from you and make you buy what you’ve already got! (We may be pirates, but we’ve got good hearts!) You can buy the add-on pack here.


“I’m holding my pirate party in a local hall – can Gotrovo treasure hunt work there?”

Yes siree, it can. All you need to do is think ahead about which clues you will use, and plan the trail out. There are sure to be plenty of clue ‘locations’ that you can use straight off – door, fence, stairs, window, cupboard, coat rack, chair and sink to name but a few. Then if you need some more ‘locations’ to complete the trail, just bring along a few props to stage the event. (For example, bring an umbrella, a scooter, a teddy to leave lying around with a clue hidden neatly beneath them!) It’s really easy to do!


What’s in the Treasure Box?

This pack is comprised of the standard Gotrovo Treasure Hunt game PLUS a party pack add-on. These include:

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game

  • 100 reusable clue cards suitable for all ages (picture, word, role-play and riddle clues)
  • Double sided treasure map
  • Golden treasure bar
  • Loot bag and 10 gold coins
  • Velcro dots and instructions

Party Pack Add-on includes these additional elements to allow you to lay two trails at once for your pirate party games and have a team race:

  • An extra double sided treasure map
  • An extra golden treasure bar
  • A further loot bag and 10 gold coins
  • Velcro dots for the additional map

Gotrovo can easily entertain up to 20 children in teams at a party, from ages 3 upwards. Remember that you can mix the trail with clues of different types to allow for children of different ages to play together. You can even lay one picture trail and one riddle trail to allow for everyone to have their own share of the fun!

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