Pirate party Bags – 15 Gotrovo Minis in a fab multibuy deal!


Treasure Hunting gold…the answer to all your party bag nightmares! Gotrovo Mini multibuy offer (15 Mini treasure hunt games)

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Tired of the plastic fantastic in party bags? I know, it just fills up the recycling bin quicker, right? It sits on the counter for days while you battle the guilt about throwing it out, and then your moment of decisiveness finally comes and ….don’t tell the kids….it’s in the bin! So if we all know that’s where the party bag contents goes, why bother spending the money creating them in the first place?

But here’s the thing – there’s a better option, which other parents will really LOVE you for! You can provide a worthwhile birthday loot bag that people can really enjoy, by giving a Gotrovo Mini. It’s stylish, packed with hours of fun, and you only need one per family, so it’s surprisingly cost effective! Become the parent who gives GREAT party bags….however many you need, we can work something out for you! Just give us a shout with what you want and we’ll do the rest! 

What’s the Deal?

“Roll up, roll up, 15 party bags for under a fiver each!”

For the great price of £4.80 a game, you can get 15 Gotrovo Minis. If you have any spare, they make fantastic gifts to give for friends’ birthdays (so you can keep your presents box stacked!).

If you are looking for a different quantity, that’s fine. Just drop us a line at info@gotrovotreasurehunt.com and we’ll work something out!   (To give you an example of pricing, 5 Gotrovo Minis would be £29.95.)

What’s in the Treasure Box?

This package offering gives you 15 Gotrovo Minis to use as gifts or party bags. Each Gotrovo Mini comes with:

  • the same 100 clue cards as our standard edition game, featuring picture, word, riddle and role play clues
  • 12 winners stickers with fun designs
  • a full instruction leaflet with lots of ideas on how to play and vary the game
  • all contained in a gorgeous zip-up travel bag with carry handle!

Age range: 3 – 8


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