Seek’n’Build Scavenger Hunt


Wondering how to banish those dreaded words “I’m bored!”?

How to get your kids up, active and laughing while they learn?

Seek’n’Build Scavenger Hunt from Gotrovo is the answer you’ve been looking for (see what we did there?!?)!

Get busy scavenging with our brain-teasing clues and challenges, which get players up, active and thinking. Focus children’s inner creativity and problem solving through play.

This indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt is a fun new take on a classic game, and comes packed with everything you need to create endless fun for kids aged 4 and up.

Easily adapted to suit one or many players, Seek’n’Build Scavenger Hunt is your “go-to” entertainment for parties, playdates, or when out and about on a picnic or on holiday. And not a screen in sight!

What are you waiting for… let’s get scavenging!


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Gotrovo’s Seek’n’Build Scavenger Hunt is a brand new take on a family favorite and the perfect boredom buster for children aged 4 and up!

Gotrovo games are designed to encourage children to switch off their screens and get up and active – and thinking (shhh… that’s our little secret!). Seek’n’Build Scavenger Hunt is no exception! We’ve taken the traditional scavenger hunt and given it a fun new twist, so that children exercise their grey cells as well as their muscles, solving brain-teasing clues and challenges to lead them to the items on their scavenger list.

As mums of kids aged from 6 all the way up to 12, we know how hard it can be to find a game that siblings can play together, which is why we’ve spent time creating something that children of all ages will enjoy. Yes, that’s right… no more sibling squabbles, just happy, active, entertained children! What’s more,  the game comes with optional additional challenges, meaning it can last the whole afternoon or just ten minutes…. how much entertainment do the kids need today (how much time off-duty do you need)? You decide!

Because we’re all about learning while having fun (we won’t tell them if you don’t!), the clue cards that come with your Seek’n’Build Scavenger Hunt game include not only everyday household items, but also more complex clues that deal with an item’s shape or size, its colors, properties or materials. For example, easier cards will ask players to find a book… a toy… a shoe. For your more advanced scavenger hunters, there are cards that might ask them to find something transparent… something recyclable… or something reflective. (Definitions are supplied where relevant, along with example drawings, to aid learning.) It’s science made fun! What’s more, the clue cards are color-coded to indicate levels of difficulty, which means children of different ages can still play together, as well as making set up easier.

Add an optional extra twist at the end of the hunt by challenging them to create or experiment with the items they’ve found… can they make a drum or a bridge; use their artistic flair to make a collage; perhaps they can identify what floats or sinks; or maybe they’d prefer to make up a story or play a memory game with the items they’ve collected? There are so many options. Who will accept the challenge? Who will succeed?!

As if that’s not enough, we’ve also included a bonus printable ebook, containing a full set of nature clues perfect for use on sunny days, as well as increasingly difficult clues and activity sheets for those that really want to stretch themselves.

What’s more (yes, there’s more!), just like our Treasure Hunt Game, Seek’n’Build Scavenger Hunt is the game the weather can’t spoil. Packed with inspiration for indoor and outdoor activities, you can put a smile on your children’s faces on even the rainiest of days… any place… any time, and banish boredom once and for all! What more could a parent ask for?!

In the box you’ll find: 84 re-usable clues (42 easy/42 hard), 2 re-usable scavenger bags that can be colored in for extra fun, 8 different types of challenge, and, of course, the all important instruction sheet, plus your bonus eBook.

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