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The fiendishly fun, fast-paced strategy shapes game – try saying that quickly! A game of logic and chance that all the family can enjoy.

Can you make the pattern on your card first? Can you use your knowledge of the game to try to block your opponents? Can you position yourself to win EVEN IF things go wrong?

What will your STRATeSHAPES strategy be?

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Go all out to win. Try to block your opponents. Or rotate your play to get out of a jam. What strategy will you use to be crowned the winner in this exciting new family board game from GoTrovo?


The premise behind STRATeSHAPES is simple: be the first to create the pattern on your card to win. But don’t be fooled! With your opponents racing to beat you to the finish line, you’ll need to think on your feet and come up with a fail-safe strategy in order to take home the STRATeSHAPES crown.  In fact, depending on what your opponents do, you might even need to re-think your strategy mid-game, to make sure they don’t beat you to it!

STRATeSHAPES is a game of strategy AND chance. You can play it safe and try to make your pattern in a discrete corner of the grid, or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can get stuck in and battle over the territory to see who comes out on top. Maybe you’ll get blocked. Maybe you’ll block yourself – believe us, in the advanced games, it happens! Maybe EVERYONE will get blocked and you’ll have to position yourself to win once the grid is full. Do you gamble that you’re one step ahead, or reason that an opponent is about to win and you need to make a pre-emptive strike to stop them? Who knows! But one thing’s for sure, the more you play, the better it gets!

From innocent kids-play, to no holds barred competition… the options are endless, and once you’ve learnt the basics, you can go all out in the real strategic battles – we’ll even email you a score sheet to keep track of your victories! Forget playing nicely – though manners are still important! – it’s time to pit your wits against your opponents’ and do all you can to scupper their game plan in your bid for STRATeSHAPES glory!

Designed for 2-4 players, aged 8 and up, STRATeSHAPES offers a different level of challenge for all ages, making it as much fun for teenagers and grown-ups as it is for kids! The more players you have, the trickier the game gets.

We know how time-poor most parents and carers are, so just like our other games, STRATeSHAPES is quick to set up, making it the perfect way to fill 5 minutes before dinner. And because you can keep it as simple as you like, it’s the ideal solution for engaging with players who can’t stand the marathon of traditional board games. Alternatively, you can easily fill an afternoon with tournament-based fun. You can even pack it up as a travel game to take with you wherever you go!

And as with all Gotrovo games, STRATeSHAPES also has hidden educational benefits – shhh, don’t tell the kids; it’s a secret! Applying the STEM learning approach, the game is a fun way to teach logic, rotational symmetry, and pattern recognition, making it the perfect teaching aide in the classroom, or to support children’s learning at home. (And in these unprecedented times of home schooling, who doesn’t need a helping hand?)

So, what’s in the box? STRATeSHAPES is proof that the best things really do come in small sizes!

We admit our game boxes are surprisingly small, but that’s all part of the plan! We’ll let you in on one of our trade secrets… we work really hard to ensure all our products come in the smallest box possible. That way we’re not wasting resources on unnecessary packaging, charging you for shipping fresh air to your door, or taking up precious space in your cupboards. But don’t be deceived; bigger isn’t necessarily better, and the STRATeSHAPES box is filled to the brim with fun!

Inside you’ll find:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 36 Playing Pieces
  • 120 Pattern Combinations (60 Playing Cards)
  • 4 Card Stands

Everything you need for the ultimate game of strategy – and fun!

Kids, teenagers, grown-ups….get ready for laughs and frustration. No more lounging on the sofa, or channel hopping in search of something to watch on TV. No more mindless YouTubing. Reclaim your brain and get strategizing in the ultimate, fast-paced strategy game.


Wanna know more about the details of how to play? No problem. You can watch this “how to” video now.

49 reviews for STRATeSHAPES

  1. Sweety Momma

    Love the game its a little silly but we had so much fun… will tell my friends about it.

  2. Layla

    I played it with an 11 year old and we both had a lot of fun with it.

  3. Leriel

    This is a very unique and fun game!

  4. Ryilee

    Fun strategy game for all the family

  5. Jackson

    convenient game to carry around

  6. Camila

    Great family board game where you can play at different levels and my daughters loved stacking the colourful shapes.

  7. Mila

    Bought this as a fun educational logic game for my kids and we were not disappointed.

  8. Jack

    Great price, great value, highly recommend.

  9. Ellie

    Love the packaging and the bag is great for tidying it away.

  10. Logan

    I absolutely recommend you go for this!

  11. Ella

    I can’t see this game getting lost in the back of our games drawer any time soon and it’s definitely at the top of the list for friends birthday party gifts this year, I’ll be ordering StrateShapes for all of them.

  12. Aria

    it’s perfect for all of us including our youngest who’s only seven.

  13. Leo

    It’s a fun game and really easy and fast to learn

  14. Evelyn

    This one has us all hooked!!!!

  15. Benjamin

    The kids have played it loads and I love it too.

  16. Gianna

    Talk about a hit, this game hasn’t been put away since it arrived!

  17. Mateo

    Due to Covid, I was not able to play this game with my grandson directly. We set up a zoom call and we played together. What I loved about this game is not only did he have to think about his moves to win, but he had to listen to the directions I was giving him to move my pieces. He is 8 years old. By the end of the game his listening skills and directions increased considerably. We had a blast together and he didn’t even realize how good he was getting in regards to patterns, 3 dimensional thinking and directions.

  18. Harper

    Loved this game.

  19. Kane

    Item came right on time looks great

  20. Clarke

    Good entertainment.

  21. Nami

    Bought as a gift

  22. En

    Love this!!! Arrived as described and on time. Thank you!

  23. amari

    Fun time

  24. Jennica

    Received extremely quickly!! I’m sure my niece will enjoy playing this game. Thank you!

  25. Alwynn

    Excellent service

  26. Leo

    Everything as promised.

  27. Melody

    The item arrived in very good condition, complete and soon.

  28. Joaquin

    What a fun game this is! My grandsons loved this. So unusual. Don’t hesitate!

  29. Lorena

    Item arrived in time for Christmas and in good condition. Thanks.

  30. Hugo

    Seller shipped promptly, and I got the product as promised. Recommended vendor.

  31. Jerome

    packaged well, fast delivery

  32. Jacq

    Great fun, great value.

  33. Anon

    I have bought other Gotrovo games which my nieces loved so hoped this one would be as good. I was not disappointed.

  34. Odette

    Love this game.

  35. Cha

    Fun strategy game for all the family

  36. Krisha

    Love the packaging and the bag is great for tidying it away. Bought this as a fun educational logic game for my eight year old twins and we were not disappointed.

  37. Elise

    It’s a great little game for all ages

  38. Thomas

    Very good and easy game to play. Fun for the kids and adults

  39. jam

    Fun game for kids and adults alike!

  40. Agnes

    Great family board game where you can play at different levels and my daughters loved stacking the colourful shapes. Perfect that you can play with 2 players or up to 4 players, really fun and convenient game to carry around and take on holidays etc.

    Great price, great value, highly recommend.

  41. Victor

    Love the packaging and the bag is great for tidying it away. Bought this as a fun educational logic game for my eight-year-old twins and we were not disappointed.

  42. Amanda

    This is a very unique and fun game! I’d say it’s like next-level tic-tac-toe that takes some thinking and strategy. I played it with an 11 year old and we both had a lot of fun with it. This’ll be an often-used game in our house. Highly recommend!

  43. gigi

    The packaging is very compact and it comes with an optional put away bag which is very handy. I also purchased another game by Gotrovo which looks like a lot of fun for younger kids.

  44. Sum

    It really is a game of strategy with so many different paths to win and block your opponent. Being able to play it with up to 4 players is a real plus – the more players, the more difficult and fun it gets.

  45. Abbi

    My partner and I wanted to try out StrateShapes for my 8yo niece and ended up keeping it because we enjoyed playing it so much!

  46. Jed

    Great job Gotrovo!

  47. Blu

    My kids liked the colors and pieces. Comes in a box but also has a red drawstring bag to keep the pieces in as an alternate.

  48. Brody

    Fun game.

  49. LF

    If you and/or your kiddo(s) were never a big fan of tic-tac-toe because it got boring pretty quickly, you prefer games like checkers/Chinese checkers (though, you feel those can get pretty boring too, when they go long) then you’re going to love this game! It can be played a couple of different ways, goes quickly, and can even be used as a jigsaw puzzle for younger kiddos! This game will NEVER get boring!!! We’ve played it over and over and it’s always SUPER FUN!!! Just like ALL of the GoTrovo games! I purchased all 4, and if they create new ones, I’ll be purchasing all of those as well! Great for small or large families, gatherings, parties, school, church, you name it! All of these games can be played with teams, 2 players, or even solo! They suggest an age group but these games are fun for ALL ages! Talk about the perfect birthday, holiday, or just because I love you gift! A gift that’ll actually get played with more than once, even by those that aren’t into games that aren’t played on an electronic device (like my daughter and son)! THANK YOU and kudos, GoTrovo!!!

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