Total Kids Party Solution – a one-stop total party package


Yo Ho Ho and a BARREL of FUN!

Fancy throwing a pirate party? With complete entertainment and party bags, this is the bundle for you!

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Everyone knows kids parties are STRESSFUL ..for you and the bank manager! It seems no matter how many different formats we’ve tried (and believe us, with 7 little kids between us, we’ve tried A LOT!) it always costs loads more than you think.

Relax…help is at hand. And here’s how. With this pirate party bundle we give you everything you need to run a full party and keep the kids entertained for the duration! Treasure hunt games to entertain your guests indoors or out, party bags, fun pirate activity sheets, and more. So whatever the weather does to you, your nerves don’t need to suffer!

And all this for just £110.

Job done!

What’s in the Treasure Box?

  1. One Gotrovo treasure hunt game, to create fantastic hunts indoors and out
  2. The Gotrovo party pack add-on. This contains extra gold bar, coins, loot bag, and treasure map to allow you to run a team race, with two groups of children (or adults!) competing to get to the end of their trail first
  3. A pirate party letter from Captain Jack Saunders, begging the party guests to help him find his lost treasure. Coincidentally, this may just be hidden in your house! Now there’s a really novel way of giving kids their party bags – get them to hunt for them first!) (Note: shipping for letters currently delayed until after 12th Aug due to staff holidays)
  4. 15 (yes, we did say 15!) Gotrovo Minis to use as party bags …and if you have any left over, they make a perfect gift for friends at Christmas or birthdays
  5. A downloadable set of fun pirate activity sheets in pdf format for when the children need some quiet time. You can choose between activity sheets suitable for a 3-6 age range, or a 6 – 9 age range. With colouring, word searches, maps, mazes, cryptic codes and pirate name generators (varying according to the age group you select), all you need to do is print them out, and the kids will be busy for ages!
  6. A copy of our ebook, which gives you ideas on how to make the most of Gotrovo at parties, with ideas for staging the hunt at venues, and additional games like walk the plank and scavenger hunts.

Age range: 3+

“Help. I have more than 15 guests – I need more party bags!”

You only have to ask…We can work around pretty much any problem! Just get in touch at and let us know what you need, and we will make it happen!


“Oh no…my pirate party is being held in a school hall. How will Gotrovo work there?”

It’s really easy to do! All you need to do is think ahead about which clues you will use, and plan the trail out. There are sure to be plenty of clue ‘locations’ that you can use straight off. For example, door, fence, stairs, window, cupboard, table, coat rack, chair and sink, to name but a few.  If you need some more ‘locations’ to complete the trail, just bring along a few props to stage the event. (For example, bring an umbrella, a scooter, a toy car, or a teddy to leave lying around with a clue hidden neatly beneath them!)


Note the pirate party letter comes with clues leading children to a location in the home, but if you need us to adjust this just shout!


How does my order work and how quickly can I get it?

After you place your order, please email us at to confirm the names you would like included on the pirate party letter.and which set of activity sheets you would like (ages 3-6, or 7-10). We will reply to confirm details, and send you the appropriate pdf activity sheets and party guide book. If we don’t hear from you within a day of your order we will contact you directly. (Please remember to check your junk folder in case our message ends up there!)

Your games will be despatched within 1-2 days. Please allow an extra 2 days for us to personalise of the pirate letter and get it sailing on its merry way.


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