Riddle Expansion Pack for ORIGINAL EDITION

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An expansion pack including 70 additional riddles to extend the use of the game. Clues cover classroom, Christmas and Easter themes (just IMAGINE the fun of the egg hunt!) as well as additional riddles for use at home.

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Create even more fun with your treasure hunts by adding our riddle expansion pack. This Clue Card Expansion Pack gives you an additional 70 treasure hunt clues. What’s so special about it? Well, this little gem includes seasonal riddles for Christmas and Easter themed hunts. Imagine the excitement as your little people travel a specially-laid trail to find their Easter Eggs or Christmas presents!

In addition, the pack includes treasure hunt clues appropriate to a classroom setting, and many more riddles suitable for everyday use. So whatever the date and whatever the weather, there really is something for every occasion.

Won’t your little treasure hunters be pleased!

What’s in the Treasure Box?

An additional 70 riddle clue cards including:

  • 10 Christmas-themed treasure hunt clues for a full Christmas treasure hunt
  • 10 Easter-themed clues – here comes the Easter bunny!
  • A further 50 treasure hunt clues suitable for classroom and everyday use at home (indoors and out)
  • Answers (just in case!)
  • Velcro dots to fix clues to the treasure map (relevant if playing with our standard edition of Gotrovo Treasure Hunt)

NB: This particular pack is not designed as a standalone product but is intended for use with the Standard Edition or Mini treasure hunt game. The clues within this deck are all riddles. If you’re looking for picture clues suitable for younger treasure hunters, try our standard edition Gotrovo Treasure Hunt game.

Note that the Bumper Edition of Gotrovo already includes this riddle expansion pack, so there’s no need to buy it twice!

Suitable for ages 4+

4 reviews for Riddle Expansion Pack for ORIGINAL EDITION

  1. Anon

    The beauty of the clues included in the original game is that there are so many that you’d probably have to do a treasure hunt every day to get to the point where you know what’s coming – there are enough for you to mix them up so that every game really is a new adventure! But this expansion pack is a great value add on and I particularly like the Christmas and Easter clues. It makes for a lovely alternative to the traditional Easter egg hunt and at Christmas we lay a trail to the kids’ main presents to up the excitement even more!

  2. Melanie Hossack

    Kids loved this.

  3. Lisa Miles

    My six year old had great fun solving the riddles and finding the next clue card. She solved most of the riddles herself with just a few prompts from me. I think it’s great that you can set up as many/few cards as you wish, to alter the length of game to suit you. I was quite impressed that my daughter was actually reading the clue cards without the usual ‘groans’ when any other type of ‘reading’ is suggested!

  4. Pips Mum

    Found this while I was purchasing the Treasure Hunt game by the same company. The clues in it are different to the other version and are hard enough to be interesting, but solvable, for my 6 year old. The cards look like they will stand up to a good amount of play and I am really looking forward to being able to lay out the Christmas clues and the Easter ones too 🙂

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