More Play Ideas

Create Extra Fun with these Additional Play Ideas

Ahoy there me hearties!
We hope you are having great fun hunting for treasure with Gotrovo! But we’re always keen to offer you new ideas and that extra little bit of value. So here, just for you, are some additional ways to get more fun from your game, whether that be on school days, rainy days or party days!

Everyday Ideas



Gotrovo can easily be turned into a scavenger hunt by giving your chosen clue cards to the children and asking them to find a related object. So, for example, give them the bookcase picture card and they must find and collect something from a bookcase; or give them the bath card and ask them to find an object from the bathroom; you could even give them a blank gold card and find them something gold. It’s easy to do, and you’ll soon find it is a fun way of varying the game.


The reward hidden at the end of a Gotrovo treasure hunt can be a great way to link to other activities. You can introduce anything as a reward: for example, a trip to the park, a sleepover with friends, baking, a shopping trip to spend their pocket money. It’s lovely to introduce a promise of something special and then to continue the excitement at the end of the trail.


A role-play Gotrovo is where the treasure hunt ventures through imagined lands, created and embellished by the child. You can use the ten role-play clue cards included in the pack to play this way. It’s a magical way to connect with your child’s imagination, but it takes a loss of adult self-control and self-consciousness to do it. Dressing up as pirates or pixies and having a sprinkling of fairy dust (otherwise known as flour!) to hand can really add to the fun. Come on, jump into their world!

Party Game Ideas

You may not have enough space to run a treasure hunt for a lot of children. You may even be in a local hall where you don’t feel you can adequately hide the clues. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use Gotrovo. Here are some ideas….


If you’re throwing a pirate party, you’re in luck, because we have two tailored options to help you. Our Pirate Party Pack gives you everything you need to run a team race treasure hunt, with two sets of children competing to see who can get to the treasure first! It’s an easy and economical way to entertain a large number of children. Alternatively, you can go all out with our Total Pirate Party Solution. With treasure hunt games, Gotrovo Mini party bags, fun activity sheets and a pirate letter to the children, it’s an all-round entertainment solution your bank manager will thank you for!


If you’re in a local hall, then you can always take along ‘props’ with you to stage the hunt, and be a little inventive. Leave a scooter by the front door; prop an umbrella up against a wall; bring along an old teddy and perch it on a chair; or let the pile of coats represent a coat rack; you could even Sellotape clues under chairs or tables to make them really hard to find. If you prepare in advance then you can easily find enough clues suitable to your venue.


If you don’t want hoards of children running through your house, then why not run Gotrovo as a tag race? One person is given the map and first clue, and has to set off alone to find the next clue….then they come back to base and hand over to the next player. This can work really well if you are have two teams racing each other!


You can use the riddle clues for older children to set up a game of walk the plank. If they get the riddle right, then they move back a step away from the ‘water’…but get it wrong, and they are one step closer to falling into the sea!


Mix things up by running a birthday party scavenger hunt. Just use the clue cards as prompts for what the children have to find. Give two or even three teams a set of 10-20 clue cards each. Then see which team can find the most items related to their clue cards in a race against the clock! Classic fun!