ThE ship’s captains

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Games Pirate Crew

Sarah SAunders

You may have met Sarah Saunders on her video adventures! Together with Jack Saunders (her slightly less-than-real husband!) she is responsible for steering our ship, and for dreaming up ideas we can put into action. When she’s not at sea, she lives with her (real) husband and four children. She also has a small zoo consisting of a puppy, two rabbits, a gerbil and a guinea pig! 

In her spare time Sarah loves playing games and exploring the great outdoors with the kids, as well as baking and crafts (she’s useless at both!). In the dim and distant (pre-kids) past, Sarah did lots of sport. Now she just carries children around on her shoulders!   

Sarah qualified as a chartered accountant with Deloitte, studied at Oxford University and worked in banking and corporate finance.

You can contact Sarah (who also goes by the name of Aley!) on

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game Pirate Crew

Botswain (in charge of equipment and crew)

Jo is in charge of operations and finance, which means it’s her job to keep our ship afloat and manage the crew! She is known locally as ‘the treasure hunt lady’, and once even sold a game to a delivery guy on her doorstep!

Jo is mum to three energetic boys, including twins! She loves keeping fit (which is useful when she has to bail particularly hard to keep us afloat, or when she’s lugging stock out of our warehouse!). She  enjoys walking and cycling with the boys and holds a private pilot’s licence. 

Jo qualified as an accountant with Unilever, having studied at Plymouth University. Her background is financial analytics, business management and pricing. 

(Jo doesn’t really have a parrot, but she does have a selection of chickens in her garden!)

You can contact Jo on

ThE Crew

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Games Pirate Crew

Vicky T
First Mate

Vicky T is our ever-ready first mate, handling many aspects of the day to day running of the business, and leading our customer service and logistics work. With a background in retail, Vicky is the first point of contact in our business. Our great reputation for customer service shines through in testimonials, and it is thanks to Vicky’s care and attention that we can maintain this. And she does it all with a smile! (and a ARRGGGHHH!)

You can contact Vicky on

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Games Pirate Crew

Keeper of the Treasures

Crew-member Charlotte is our expert keeper of the treasures (or book-keeper in non-pirate speak), for whom nothing is too much trouble! She manages all of our accounts, returns, invoicing and supplier payments. Having trained with us, Charlotte has now also set up an independent book-keeping company, Blue Cat Books. If you’re looking for book-keeping support, we couldn’t recommend her highly enough! (She can even deal with currencies other than gold!!)

You can contact Charlotte on

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Games Pirate Crew

Vicky D

Vicky D set sail across the seven seas 10 years ago, and after many treasure hunting adventures and close encounters with sharks, she landed on distant shores down under. She is now the face of Gotrovo Australia and New Zealand. 

(Now is it just me, or does this picture bear an uncanny resemblemce to Kylie M.?!)

You can contact Vicky on