Speech and Language Development with GoTrovo’s Treasure Hunt Game

Not all children develop the same way or at the same time.

But there is one way in which all children are the same: they are ALL bursting with their own potential and possibility, if we can only jump into their worlds to release it.

We know as parents there are so many ways to worry about your kids. Whether it’s school reports, peer pressure, development targets or just your own perceptions that have made you anxious, your concerns can feel isolating. But taking them down the route of professional help may not be a decision you want to take, at least not yet.

Thankfully there is a simpler way to stimulate children’s learning, reading and speech development. And you don’t need any professional skills to use it. It’s called PLAY!

Speech Games: GoTrovo can be used to develop and track speech

GoTrovo is a tool which covers a wide range of reading and speech development targets. It allows children to learn without pressure, in a fun and stimulating way. Their ability to identify, name or read the items in the clues gives a clear and easy way to track progress. Moreover, the blank clue cards allow you to create your own clues if there are specific targets or areas you want to focus on. And GoTrovo provides a great lead into other play and learning ideas. Why not play shops with the gold coins you’ve collected, for example?

Imagine if you could start to relieve some of that stress and worry around their development. What if you could do this without transferring a pressure onto them? Isn’t that worth its weight in parenting gold? Wouldn’t you just love to see their faces light up as they find the treasure as the reward for their hard work?

Learning can and SHOULD be fun. So light up their imaginations and open up their worlds….and remember to have fun yourself.

You can read what a couple of special needs and speech development experts have to say below. Alternatively, you can read more about the educational qualities of GoTrovo here.

Professional reviews:

“GoTrovo is designed to stimulate the development of important language skills. The ability to recognise things and be able to name them is a crucial part of early language development…Games such as this can make learning fun.”

Daphne Flavell – Special Needs Teacher

“This game allows me to work on a wide range of speech and language targets in a fun and easy way.”

Lesley Foley -Specialist Speech and Langauge Therapist treating dyslexia, delayed speech and stutters

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