Great Product

This is a great product. My daughter got it for Christmas (after asking for “a treasure map”) and I’m now listing various friends we could give a set to. It must have been designed by a teacher, or at least road-tested lots of times because it does exactly what you would want it to do. For example:

– the cards are plasticky (like playing cards) so they are water resistant for placing in the garden;
– the gold coins are an exciting treasure at the end – they are kept in a red, drawstring pouch but there’s also a gold bar box which you could place them in or replace them with something else (e.g. chocolate) which is easier to spot;
– the cards are very adaptable. I was sceptical about how relevant it would be for every family, but the items are carefully chosen to be generic (e.g. bike, flower, phone, TV) and everyone would find they had enough of the them in their house/garden to make at least one trail;
– they’re reusable – there are so many cards that we have played it a lot but haven’t done the same trail twice;
– the treasure map looks really exciting and you carry it round the house and stick your cards on as you find them
– the cards are well differentiated for every age: pictures, words and pictures, and then full blown riddles. But even the riddles are doable (my bright four year old can work them out because of the rhyme but an older child wouldn’t be patronised).

There is lots more I could say, since I keep thinking of new ways to get the most out of it, but suffice to say that I’m delighted we were given it and it would be a great present for families who like to do stuff together.