Welcome to the Sarah Saunders Adventures!

Want to join our pirate adventures? Sarah Saunders is the captain of our might pirate ship Gotrovo. She sails around the world with her crew having merry adventures, and creating fun and mayhem in equal measure!
You can watch this series of (safe, clean, but occasionally nutty!) videos here, or over on our facebook page or YouTube Channel. And if you want to join our crew and have YOUR OWN PIRATE INIATION CEREMONY RECORDED FOR YOU ON FACEBOOK, just post on our page to let us know! Enjoy!

An introduction to the Sarah Saunders Adventures

Pirates to the Rescue

Sarah Saunders and the Halloween Party

Cooking Capers

Our First Pirate Initation Ceremony

How to join the Gotrovo Pirate Crew

Be Kind and Believe in yourself: An anti-bullying poem




The “How-To” Videos

How to make a simple pirate eye-patch