How traditional play can help build family bonds

We’ve just returned from a family meal out with the grandparents and two of their friends. It was a rare, but enjoyable, treat for us. But it was noticeable not just for its rarity value, but for the comments that we drew from our family friends. As we brought out books, pens, stickers and word searches to entertain our young children, they noted how nice it was to see children using traditional play items. This really resonated with their preferences.

These friends are both in their early 60’s; both young grandparents. One works in the NHS, another in the hospitality and travel industry.  They see a lot of family life.

And what they see is that many children these days are entertained by screens and electronic games. This is especially the case during meals, flights, and in waiting rooms. They favoured the interactive engagement of “traditional play”. Children grow up so quickly, they felt. Why not engage and play with them while you can?

I would never want to judge others for their choices in how to entertain their children. I’m definitely up for DVDs on long journeys and am a long way from calling in the ‘screen-time’ police on anyone else! There’s a time when we all need a diversion! I saw a post on a local mums’ page recently, with a mother expressing her frustration at a family in a restaurant whose child watched a dvd throughout the meal. The response from other mums was strong. The resounding feeling was that it’s not our place to judge each other. How could anyone know what other family activities they had done together that day? It was clearly a subject that evoked some passion.

Those mums were absolutely right – it’s not our place to judge other parents and their choices about how they occupied their child. But it goes without saying that time without screens is much more likely to promote conversation, understanding, and bonding. It’s equally true that there will always be people – like our friends, and the person who first posted about her frustration on the mums’ site – who want to be able to focus on this kind of traditional play and interaction. Many of those, of course, will be of our parents’ generation – the grandparents and aunts and uncles who raised children before the dawn of the apple industry!

Grandparents’ time with children is precious…it is a fundamental bond that must be built within relatively short periods of time, crammed into the hectic schedules of everyday life. Often we don’t create enough space for it. But making that time fun, imaginative, memorable, tailored to the children…all of this can help bring maximum rewards. And that’s where traditional play ideas really have value.

This idea of bonding was, without doubt, part of our ethos in creating Gotrovo. As mums we also treasure that family time together, and the ability to create those lasting childhood memories. Every child loves a treasure hunt, and with the ability to tailor the game to different ages and abilities, weather conditions, events or locations, there’s endless potential to create much treasured fun. And the game can be a great lead into another activity: the prize at the end can be anything you want…..a trip to the park, a sleep over with friends, or fun baking a cake together.

So for those grandparents and relatives that favour more traditional play and activities with the children, Gotrovo can be a great choice. You can have fun indoors or out, and help children learn and develop in the process,

As two of our grandparent reviewers have commented:

Granny of 2-USA- FIVE STARS
What a great low tech product! My Granddaughter loves this treasure hunt game. She has just as much fun being the treasure hunter as she does laying the trail. I would recommend this fun game to anyone looking for a game kids can play indoors and out.

Vinnie the driver-UK-FIVE STARS
Brought this game for my grandchildren after meeting the brains behind it. The resulting fun that they have had with it is amazing. I’ve never seen the four of them have so much fun indoors before. They can’t wait to play an outdoor treasure hunt (as soon as the weather permits). I would recommend this to anyone.

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