Educational Play Ideas with GoTrovo Treasure Hunt Game

Gotrovo is an imaginative, physically active educational game. It is currently being used in many schools and pre-schools, not only because it is fun, but because it directly supports Early Years and Key Stage 1 targets across a number of areas.

Gotrovo treasure hunt serves as an educational game, by helping:

1. Communication and language development. Children extend their vocabulary, comprehension and deductive skills as they solve riddles and identify potential locations.

2. Literacy, by encouraging reading and writing opportunities, and through use of descriptive language.

3. Physical development, with active indoor and outdoor trails.

4. Motor skills development. Children need to attach clues to the map using velcro (an intentionally slightly fiddly exercise!) and place coins in the swag bag.

5. Social development, by encouraging children to communicate their ideas. They have the opportunity to work as part of a team, taking turns and sharing roles.

6. Exploration of senses and feelings in a real or imagined world. This is especially strong with the role-play clue cards. 

7. Logic, as they figure out the trails laid for them. What are the riddles describing? Can they create their own riddles detailing the attributes of an item? Is the door they are searching for the door to a room… or to a cupboard?

8. Numeracy, through number recognition on the maps and use of play money. Directional language is also strengthened.

9. Speech development, by articulating the words on the clues, and through the use of blank clue cards which also let you create clues to focus on specific sound targets.

Reviews from Educationalists

Here are a number of reviews from teachers and nursery leaders, who are experienced in the use of educational games:

“I purchased this treasure hunt game to be used as a fun activity for my elementary age students because of the strong product reviews. I’d been looking for an engaging activity that would excite my kids, as well as reinforcing language development concepts such as following directions. I also wanted to use it to highlight the effectiveness of group work so that a team of students work collectively toward a common goal. I’m very pleased with my purchase and I can’t wait to put it into action. This activity is exactly how I would have imagined a treasure hunt game had I attempted to craft my own. That’s a huge benefit in my book as I got a high quality, professional product that is exactly what I wanted and I saved valuable time.” 

Lisa Lamoureaux -Elementary Teacher, US

“I have found this game fantastic for my phonics sessions. It has created great enthusiasm for reading and also for working together as a team.”

Sarah Jones -Teacher in an Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ teaching academy

“The Pre School children that I work with loved the idea of a treasure hunt. It was very easy and quick to set up.  I was able to adapt it to both inside and outside and then link it to the seven stages of the EYFS. I would definitely recommend this product to both parents and nurseries.”

Emma-Louise Brown-Andrews Manager, Pre-School, National Nursery Chain

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