Wiki.Ezvid names GoTrovo a top board game for families

Family time is so hard to find these days, which makes it so precious when you CAN grab those few moments together to play a fun family game. But with the pressure on to find something to create that “magic”, you want to have a plan!

But where to start? The family games market is one of the most crowded out there. Amazon has over a million listings in toys and games. And spending good money on a game that really disappoints is irksome, to say the least! That’s why genuinely independent research into the best family games is so valuable. And that’s also why we were so chuffed to receive an email this week from, announcing that our very own GoTrovo Treasure Hunt game has been ranked number 3 – YES, THAT’S NUMBER THREE (we’re not too excited) – on their list of independently tested kids board games.

So what is Wiki/Ezvid? Well, it’s only┬áthe largest and most comprehensive video wiki on the planet, providing useful, unbiased information to hundreds of millions of users. And the video formats make it REALLY easy to follow.

But the critical word in that statement is UNBIASED! While Ezvid were busy testing and searching for the best kids board games, we knew nothing about it. We were only contacted after 26 hours of research ranked us as number 3 on the list. So it’s one of those “if you don’t believe us, ask our reviewers” kinda moments.

What did they rank us for? I quote:

“Incredible replay value”

“Perfect for birthday parties”

“Setup is a snap”

“Equally fun indoors as out”

Getting kids “up and moving”

We think Ezvid have got us pretty well sussed!

So who were first and second? Well, Labyrinth came first, and we have to say we LOVE this game in our household. So clever, and filled with endless possibilities. Definitely worth the money. And second? A game called “Race to the Treasure”. Not one we know personally, but the designs look fab and of course you’ve got to love any game with treasure involved!

So there you have it – some real, unbiased research (which you can read here for yourself).

Roll on family game night!